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general contractors

“Sheila Cain can flat-out write.  She's fast, accurate, responsive and a real joy to work with.”

Frank Firmani, President
Charter Construction, Seattle

design firms

"Sheila has the unique ability to grasp engineering speak and translate it into well written pieces that are understandable by non-technical audiences. Her customer service level is tops and comes through no matter how tight the deadline; and without sacrificing quality. Sheila is a great asset to any organization that is looking to create impactful written pieces to help them advance in the marketplace."

Thomas A. Leonidas Jr., P.E., Executive Vice President
Wood Harbinger

"Sheila has been a great asset to CKC's marketing and public relations efforts.  She has a unique ability to quickly grasp the essence of highly technical issues and relate them in an interesting and understandable manner.  In addition, she's responsive, professional, and fun to work with.  I've forgotten who first recommended her to us, but whoever it was, thank you!"

Cary Kopczynski, P.E., S.E., FACI, President
Cary Kopczynski & Co. Inc. P.S., Bellevue, Wash.

“Sheila has provided a number of services to Sparling, including white papers, brochure copy and submittals for industry awards. What’s impressed me most is Sheila’s ability to get into the minds of our engineers and pull out relevant and compelling information."

Kristy Alley, Principal/Director of Marketing
Sparling, Inc., Seattle

“You continue to impress us with your personal attention and research abilities in writing for Sparling. We appreciate that you understand our business, and focus your work on our very particular needs. Your work has helped us win awards, and you've never missed a deadline."

James R. Duncan, P.E., FACEC, Chairman Emeritus
Sparling, Inc., Seattle

colleagues/professional service providers

I had a short conversation with Sheila and within 24 hours she had communicated our value proposition to a prospective client better than any copy we have produced in 20 years of business. We won the contract. I can't say enough about Sheila's skills!

Nils Peterson, President
Teams and Leaders, Inc.

"Sheila and I have joined forces for many years.  Her skills are exceptional. She is always well prepared, never misses a deadline, and is truly a delight to work with."

Amy Sparks, President
Sparks Management Inc.

“Sheila is as thorough as they come. Her expertise in writing and editing puts her at the top of the list when we need someone to craft a message and pitch to best reach the intended audience.  She sees the big picture and can still comb through the minutiae to best convey the message while making it an interesting read. More than that—she is a true professional and a pleasure to work with.“

Katie Wilkinson, Principal
k Public Relations Inc.

"Sheila has been a great collaborator since I knew her as an editor at McGraw-Hill. She reports on interesting projects, and as her writing is always of builder activity, or structural in content, I have often had the luck of providing the visual accompaniment to her stories."

Lara Swimmer, Owner/Photographer
Lara Swimmer Photography

“Sheila is one of the best freelance writers and editors I have ever worked with. She has a proven ability to write with quality about almost any subject and always on deadline. She also works very well with clients, who appreciate her flexibility, good communication skills and professionalism."

Mark J. Shaw
Sr. Managing Editor, McGraw-Hill Construction Publications


"It's a comfort to have Sheila heading up our communications efforts. She's able to juggle a number of things at once and still zero in on the task at hand. What I always look for the EWTA team are three things:  1. Can they be trusted?  2. Will they add value to the bottom line, and 3. Will they build meaningful relationships inside and outside the organization?  For Sheila, all of these are a big yes based on proven results!"

Terry Kerwood, Managing Director
Engineered Wood Technology Association

"Sheila has the ability to take our simple, incomplete thoughts and weave them in to lyrical nirvana!  Her work has regularly made our company and people successful just through her written word.  I appreciate her ability to synthesize information quickly and create writing that delivers the message clearly - all while requiring minimal time from my co-workers and staff."

Jill Marilley
Director, National Board of Directors, APWA
and Senior Project Manager/Civil engineer, HDR Inc